Open positions

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16 000 – 27 000 PLN+ VAT (B2B)

Ready to apply? First check if you:

  • Have proven 3+ years’ commercial experience in building web applications,
  • Have a deep understanding of React (>2),
  • Know how to create DRY and S.O.L.I.D. code,Nodejs (node.js)
  • Have a deep understanding of state / data management patterns and solutions (e.g. Redux / Mobx, ngrx, ember-data),
  • Have a deep understanding of JavaScript and it’s quirks,
  • Have a solid practice in using ES2015+,
  • Are up to date with the newest ECMAScript specifications,
  • Are experienced in git,
  • Have a strong knowledge of Bootstrap, Foundation or another CSS framework,
  • Are experienced with different styling solutions such us: PostCSS, CSS Modules, styled-components,
  • Have experience in RWD and mobile first approach,
  • Understand Node.js code
  • Have knowledge of Continuous Integration practices and tools (i.e. CircleCI, Jenkins),
  • Have a solid practice with Javascript code testing (i.e. React Testing Library, Jest, Jasmine, Karma),
  • Are experienced with typed solutions like TypeScript,
  • Have knowledge of E2E testing (Cypress),
  • Have some experience in Server Side Rendering / Static Site Generation, (i.e. Gatsby, Next.js),
  • Understand the concept of Docker.

Also it’s required from you to:

  • Have a good command of written and spoken English (min B2+); Polish is not required,
  • Be ready to help Project Managers lead their projects from the technical side,
  • Have experience in direct communication with clients – be a technological authority, eager to help them make informed decisions.
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